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The history of UkrTEST of SE "Ukrmetrteststandart" begins since the USSR. In those years to perform the functions of the state tests and certification of products the specialized enterprises have been created:
- The state test center "MAGIS" ( "");
- The state test center of electrical machines and appliances ();
- The Scientific and technical center for standardization, metrology and certification of electronics ("").

In 2001 by the order of State committee of standardization, metrology and certification of Ukraine was created the Ukrainian center of testing and certification of electronic equipment SE UkrTEST which became the assignee of three above listed organizations.

In 2003 in conformity with the order of State committee of Ukraine on technical regulation and consumers policy occurred the unification of SE "UkrTEST" and UkrCSM in one powerful center of the international level, which has received the name All-Ukrainian state research and production center for standardization, metrology, certification and consumers rights protection (SE "Ukrmetrteststandart"). Where UkrTEST has been allocated in separate structural division with the name Ukrainian scientific and technical institute of certification and testing of electrical equipment UkrTEST of SE "Ukrmetrteststandart".

In 2006 Institute UkrTEST as National Certification Body (NCB) together with attached testing laboratory (CBTL), accredited in IECEE Scheme for mutual recognition of certificates on electrical equipment ( Scheme), has successfully passed the re-assessment by the international group of auditors.

In February, 2007 the Ukrainian scientific and technical institute of testing and certification of electrical equipment UkrTEST has substantially expanded its scope of accreditation in IECEE system ( Scheme), including on standards IEC 60335-1 (ed.4) with am1 and am2, IEC 60950-1 (ed.1), IEC 60065 (ed.7). Please, see the full scope of accreditation on IECEE Web-site:

The certificate of prolongation of accreditation/recognition of UkrTEST is placed to the address https://www.iecee.org/dyn/www/f?p=106:16:0::::FSP_ORG_ID:13517

Receipt by your organization of certificate for manufactured products will provide you with its recognition in more than 50 countries of the world.

The cost works on testing and registration of certificate depends on the products category.

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