Information for applicants


Taking into account the wishes of the applicant the certification of the product may be carried out by the certification body within the frame of the acting Ukrainian state product certification system UkrSEPRO (UkrSEPRO system) or against the rules of the own certification system being developed and operating in SE Ukrmetrteststandart under leadership of certification body accredited for the compliance with ISO/IEC 17065 and EN 45011 or according to the rules of IECEE System.

 Certification in UkSEPRO system  provides assessment by the third party of the indices (characteristics) of the products (processes or services) on basis of testing, inspection, attestation of manufacturing and evaluation of quality management systems.

  Certification system UkrSEPRO is intended for the carrying out of mandatory certification of products for the market of Ukraine, however the rules of the System can be also applied when carrying out works on voluntary certification.

 Mandatory certification is carried out on correspondence with the requirements of the normative documents established by the legislative acts of Ukraine or normative documents included into the approved List of products subjected to the mandatory certification in Ukraine.

 Voluntary certification in certification system UkrSEPRO is carried out in order established by the Agreement between applicant (manufacturer or supplier) and the certification body.

  The right to carry out works on obligatory certification of products is given to the certification bodies, testing laboratories (centers) and auditors included into the Register of the Certification system UkrSEPRO.

Works on certification in the Certification system UkrSEPRO are carried out in accordance with the order (rules) of products certification, approved by the National certification body. Basic requirements to the order of products certification are established in  DSTU 3413. For the certified products the certificate of conformity is to be issued and by agreement between the applicant and the certification body the mark of conformity may be affixed.

Recognition of the results of works on conformity assessement, carried out by the certification bodies and testing laboratories of other countries is realized on the basis of the multilateral and bilateral agreements on mutual recognition of results of certification. The certificate of recognition of the foreign certificates is certificate of recognition or certificate of conformity, issued in the Certification system UkrSEPRO. The procedure of recognition of results of imported goods certification is established by DSTU 3417.

Certification in the system managed by UkrTEST as part of the certification body of SE "Ukrmetrteststandart " (hereinafter UkrTEST System ) is carried out in accordance with the "Rules of conformity assessment of equipment with respect to safety, electromagnetic compatibility and requirements of technical regulations ".