Carrying out of certification of production

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The order of carrying out of certification in the system UkrSEPRO in general case provides the following:

  • filing of an application for the products certification according to the established form and the conclusion of the license agreement. When necessary, depending on the certification scheme and type of products, the application should be supplied with normative documents, technical documents, copies of certificates and protocols of certification testing of products and its constituents, received earlier from the certification bodies of Ukraine or other countries, documents on passing of products certification, accompanying documentation, information about manufacturer, conclusions of corresponding control organizations, e.g. Ministry of health protection etc.;
  • processing of an application, analysis of the presented documentation and decision taking on application;
  • selection and identification of samples of products for testing;
  • testing of samples;
  • inspection, attestation of products manufacturing under certification or certification  (assessment) of quality management system of manufacturing, if it is provided by the certification scheme;
  • analysis of the received results, decision taking on the possibility of the issue of certificate;
  • issue of the certificate of conformance, drawing up of a license contract and recording of the certified products into the Register of the System;
  • recognition of the certificate of conformance issued by the foreign certification body;
  • technical surveillance for the certified products during its manufacturing.

Application for the products certification in UkrTEST of Ukrmetrteststandard can be filed by any organization with any form of ownership or any physical body.

Applicant for the certification of the products that undergo serial production can be the manufacturer of the products himself as the juridical person, who acts on his own behalf or through the intermediary. Thus the intermediary should present the commission with indicated specific type of works that are delegated to him by the manufacturer as well as confirmation of the manufacturer of adoption of the liabilities of the applicant.

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More in detail to familiarize with order of certification/estimation of conformity of production which covers rules and an order of the edition, support, continuation, a suspension of action or certification cancellation, it is described in Rules confirmation of accordance.