Rights and duties of applicants

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When submitting the application, the applicant undertakes:

  • To fulfil the rules and the duties established by the license agreement;
  • To pay all expenses for actually performed works irrespective of their results

When signing the contract and the license agreement the applicant undertakes:

  • To fulfil all conditions of products certification of Certification system UkrSEPRO;
  • To provide conformity of delivered products to all requirements of standard documents on products, specified in certificates of conformity, and also samples that have been tested for the purpose of certification;
  • to inform in advance UkrTEST of SE "Ukrmetrteststandart" about all modifications (upgrades) of products, changes in its design (structure), manufacturing technologies, test methods and control, rules of reception which are outlined. Regarding the certificated indices. Implement the planned modifications (upgrades) and other changes only in agreement with UkrTEST;
  • To inform UkrTEST if production is stopped for more than 6 months;
  • To provide UkrTEST on request with samples of certificated products for check tests in the course of technical surveillance;
  • To keep record of all complaints (reclamations) for certificated products against the certificated indices, and report them immediately to UkrTEST, so that it takes corresponding measures to eliminate the causes that lead to them, and to document the actions taken;
  • To pay all expenses related to works on products certification and technical surveillance according to the accepted scheme.

The applicant has the right:

  • In case of disagreement with results of the certification to appeal (within 1 month after receipt of the official results on conformity assessment) in UkrTEST of SE "Ukrmetrteststandart" or National certification body of Ukraine on any disagreements arising under product certification. Filing and  consideration of appeals in UkrTEST of SE "Ukrmetrteststandart" is carried out according to the approved procedure;
  • To use the information related to the certificated products with the purpose of advertising; thus it undertakes:
    • To make statements about the certification only concerning certificated products;
    • Not to use certification of its products in a manner that would impair the reputation of UkrTEST, and not to do any statements concerning products certification, that UkrTEST may find incorrect or incompetent;
    • In case of suspension or withdrawal of certification to stop use of all promotional materials which contain any references to certification, and to return the certification documents to UkrTEST on demand;
    • To use the certification only to indicate that products are certificated for compliance with  the requirements established by the standards;
    • To provide a guarantee  that no certificate or report or any part thereof shall not be used improperly;
    • When referring to the certification of their products in the media, such as documents, brochures or advertising materials, to adhere to the requirements of UkrTEST.