Cost and certification terms

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Work terms:

  • Approval of a decision on application Ц up to 5 working days (depending on the certification scheme and condition of the presented documentation);
  • Organization and realization of inspection, certification of the manufacturing and assessment of the quality system Ц up to 1 month;
  • Testing of the samples Ц up to 15 working days (depending on the program of testing).

Cost of works on certification :

  • Is calculated on actual work hours according to the Order of Derzhspozhyvstandard of Ukraine є100, registered in the Ministry of Justice;
  • Does not depend on membership in any association and group, form of ownership of customer and also number of imported or manufactured products and its cost;
  • Does not depend on the number of previously issued certificates.

The cost of works is affected by the volume of performed works during certification, including:

  • List of technical requirements on correspondence to which the certification is carried out (that influence the volume of testing and naturally its cost);
  • The scheme of certification as different schemes provide different procedures;
  • The number of declared types and models of products, its structural peculiarities that influence the work hours at analysis of the presented documentation, preparation and registration of documents on certification.