International cooperation

Activity of the  Ukrainian scientific-technical institute of electrical equipment UkrTEST as of the leading organization in the field of certification and testing of electrical equipment in Ukraine, has obtained the merited recognition of foreign partners and the international organizations with which it signed bilateral agreements on mutual recognition of works in the field of testing and certification, namely:


  • VDE - The registered Association after the electrical engineer, electronics and information technics VDE, Institute of Tests and certification VDE (VDE Verband de Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e V. VDE Pruf - und Zertifizierungs institut), Germany;
  • BBJ - institute of tests and certification of association of the Polish engineers-electricians (Testing and certification institute of the association of the association of polish electrical engineers), Poland;
  • PCBC - The Polish center of tests and certifications (Polish center for testing and certification), Poland;
  • PREDOM-OBR - Research center PREDOM-OBR (Scientific-research center PREDOM-OBR), Poland;
  • МЭКСЕ – The CB-scheme (the International system of certification by a recognition of tests and certification of the electric equipment);
  • TSU – Technical test institute, Slovak Republic.
  • KTC - Accredited testing laboratory and Certification body (Korea Testing Certification), Korea.
  • UL - Testing laboratory and Certification body, accredited by DANAK, "UL International Demko A/S", Denmark;
  • KTL - Korea Testing Laboratory, Korea;
  • ICQC -  International center for Quality Certification, Latvia.

     Thus UkrTEST provided the necessary criteria for the implementation of Article 30 of the Law of Ukraine "On standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures" in recognition of the results of conformity assessment, which was held outside of Ukraine. This gives our applicants and business partners the possibility to use the results of the certification of their products held in the country of manufacture, to confirm its compliance with the technical regulations of Ukraine and the formation of the technical documentation file when preparing the declaration of conformity.

Agreements with foreign certification bodies only apply to customers registered at the Ukrainian institute for certification and testing of  electrotechnical equipment UkrTEST either of the above listed  bodies. The implementation of these agreements, as well as participation of UkrTEST in CB Scheme of IECEE System can reduce costs of our customers for certification, thereby improving the competitiveness of the exported or imported goods.

Taking into account the mentioned above, the Ukrainian Institute for certification and testing of electrictrotechnical equipment "UkrTEST" offers you to certify manufactured or supplied products in the CB Scheme of IECEE System, and for recognition by the certification bodies of countries with which agreements have been signed (such certification and testing may be combined with the certification in Ukrainian certification system). This proposal we address both domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment


Details of the recognition of CB certificates of the international system IECEE are set forth in the "the Order of a recognition of certificates of international system IECEE".

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