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Ukrainian scientific and technical institute for certification and testing of electrical equipment UkrTEST is a structural subdivision of State Enterprise All-Ukrainian state research and production center for standardization, metrology, certification and consumers’ rights protection (SE “Ukrmetrteststandart”). It is appointed to carry out works on certification of products and services.

It is powerful testing and certification institute of the international level, organizational and methodical center for certification of electrotechnical equipment.

The activities of UkrTEST as a part of  SE “Ukrmetrteststandart” - financially stable state enterprise of Ukraine with developed and many-sided scientific and technical base, excludes personal interest of staff, dependence on contracts, services, payments or fears to lose the customer, and not being in need of the additional financial support from any outer organizations.

UkrTEST and its testing centre are accredited in the Worldwide certification system of electrotechnical equipment IECEE as Ukrainian national certification body and Testing laboratory with the right to issue and recognize the international certificates within the CB Scheme. CB certificates issued by UkrTEST can be recognized in more than 50 countries around the world that are members of the IECEE System.

UkrTEST is a single Ukrainian certification body of electrical equipment that performs works on product certification based on the agreement on mutual recognition of work results with certification bodies of Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Korea etc. The conditions of the agreement allow export the domestic electrotechnical products to the countries-signers of the agreement where the certification results obtained by UkrTEST are recognized.


Testing services of UkrTEST:

  • tests for compliance with safety standards;
  • tests for compliance with EMC standards;
  • evaluation and measurement of electromagnetic fields;
  • test in terms of energy efficiency;
  • testing of radio equipment in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and use of the radio resource;