Plenary powers of UkrTEST

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UkrTEST conducts certification tests and certification in legislatively regulated sphere, and also on a voluntary basis, in the state Certification system UkrSEPRO on conformity with the obligatory requirements of the normative documents operating in Ukraine for the products, included in the List of products, subjected to the obligatory certification in Ukraine, approved by the order of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine of 06.10.2013 1308.

UkrTEST as a part of certification body of SE "Ukrmetrteststandart"  is being accredited by the National accreditation agency of Ukraine against the requirements of DSTU EN 45011-2001 (EN 45011:1998), ISO/IEC 17065:2012 (to download the certificate, see Scope of accreditation of UkrTEST).

UkrTEST is included into the list of certification bodies  approved by the National commission which performs the state regulation in the field of communications and informatization for works on certification of radio-electronic equipment and communications facilities.

Scientific and technical testing center UkrTESt is being accredited by the National accreditation agency of Ukraine against the requirements of DSTU ISO/IEC 17025 (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) ( download the certificate), and has obtained the license of the State department of fire safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine for carrying out of tests for compliance with the requirements of fire safety of electrotechnical products, means of telecommunications, tests of the fire alarm systems and means of individual protection of firemen (License).

UkrTEST in the order established by the government of Ukraine is appointed to carry out works on conformity assessement of products to the requirements of technical regulations, developed on the basis of Directives of New Approach EU:

- Technical regulation on low-voltage electrical equipment (Directive 2006/95/E);

- Technical regulation on electromagnetic compatibility (Directive 2004/108/E);

- Technical regulation on safety of machines and mechanisms (Directive 2006/42/E);

- Technical regulation on maximum allowable consumption of electrical energy by the refrigerators (Directive 96/57/E);

- Technical regulation on means of individual protection (Directive 89/686/);

- Technical regulation on radio equipment and telecommunications end (terminal)  equipment (Directive 1999/5/ E);

- Technical regulation of the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (Directive of 2002/95/EC);

- Technical regulation on medical devices (Directive of 93/42/EEC);

- Technical regulation on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (Directive 98/79/EC);

- Technical regulation on labelling of household lamps with regard to effectiveness of energy consumption (Directive 98/11/EC);

- Technical regulation on energy labelling of household appliances (Directive 92/75/EEC);

- Technical regulation on energy labelling of household refrigerators, freezers and combinations thereof (Directive 94/2/EC);

- Technical regulation on energy labelling of household washing machines (Directive 95/12/EC);

- Technical regulation on appliances burning gaseous fuels (Directive 90/396/EEC);

- Technical regulation on safety of pressure equipment (Directive 1999/36/EC);

- Technical regulation on simple pressure vessels (Directive 87/404/EC);